How Often Should You Assess Your Students?

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Giving your students a fitness assessment test can be challenging. For that reason, many teachers resort to testing once or twice (pre and post) a year, or for the duration, they have the students. This approach has proven not to be effective because it measures biological growth instead of educating on the value of meaningful physical activities. Whether you use our PhysednHealth fitness assessment tool or not, try to give your students a fitness assessment at a minimum once a month. The additional tests will reinforce the knowledge you are teaching them, and the training to creating healthy habits.
We also encourage the students to self-assess in PhysednHealth. The student dashboard provides all students with the ability to self-assess and set personal goals. What’s more, they can invite classmates to join them in their quest to take ownership of their health and develop an active lifestyle.

How often do you assess your students and why?

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