Empowering ALL PE Teachers to Great Software to Improve the Efficiency of Physical Education Delivery and Students Engagement

“It is no longer acceptable to make decisions based upon hunches and anecdotal evidence (Mandinach, 2012; Mandinach & Grummer, 2013). Instead, educators are now expected to collect a wide array of data and use it to make decisions ranging from appropriate interventions, to student placement, to school resource allocation.”

When teachers use data to drive their decisions and plans, they are able to respond to problems more effectively, construct new teaching methods, and advance skill sets faster.

PhysednHealth cost provides the highest return on your investment which includes unlimited teachers, unlimited schools, free and unlimited Live/video training, unlimited support and upgrades. Contact us for more information.

5 Key Characteristics
  1. PhysednHealth offers a Hybrid PE platform that transparently transitions between the live classroom and online PE for both students and teachers
  2. Facilitates teacher-student communication and feedback
  3. Give teachers, and administrators access to student data and insights to track progress and activity when completing coursework remotely
  4. Help identify if a student is falling behind or is becoming disengaged, with the ability to intervene and get them back on track
  5. Offers technical support resources for blended learning tools

Get Powerful Tools to Improve Instruction Delivery and the Physical Fitness of Your Students

Student Dashboard: Students have access to their Dashboard year-round 24/7 with full support

Activity Tracker: Students can track their daily activities which the teacher can review. They can add notes/comments and upload files

Self-Scoring. You can create assessments every week and let students self-score by class, grade or all your students

Self-Testing. Allow students to self-test on under-performing components until they meet the healthy zones. You can review their scores daily or weekly. Here students can upload an image or video of their activities for your review

SMART Goals. Now is a good time for students to set and work on their SMART goals, which you can monitor as well.

Resources Sharing. You can share any types of resources with your students to increase their knowledge, to perform, or provide comments. Many you take videos of activities and analyze them to help their students improve. You can share the videos and let your students analyze and provide feedback.

Send Easy-To-Understand Reports To Every Level

We make it easy to send mobile-friendly reports to students and parents with helpful action steps and suggestions. (We also make it easy to get fitness evaluation reports at the district, school, teacher, class, and student levels.)

For school districts, PhysednHealth gives you real-time data on every single school, P.E. class, teacher, and student. That way, you can evaluate overall performance and continually improve the effectiveness of your programs.

Motivate Your Students to Stay Engaged

Hybrid PE: PhysednHealth Hybrid platform allows transition from the live classroom to Online PE transparently

Dynamic Reports and Data Analysis: PhysednHealth reports help to identify if a student is falling behind or is becoming disengaged, with the ability to intervene and get them back on track

Content Testing: During remote schooling, keep your students engaged with content testing

Student Engagement: From self-test, SMART Goals, Activity Tracker, Resource Sharing, PhysednHealth provides many tools to keep students engage and active

Affordable, No-Hassle Pricing System

There is no extra cost for the number of teachers and students. Training and all enhancements are free as well as 24/7 Support.

Once you join our platform, you have unlimited, 24/7, and year-round access to ALL our resources, libraries, and tools. That gives the highest return-on-investment for teachers, schools, and districts.

Learn how PhysednHealth can solve your PE program challenges:

We provide fitness assessment resources & actionable reports to
improve every student's physical wellness

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