Assess and Track Every Student, Including Students with Special Needs

Often, it’s a struggle of teachers, classes, and schools to keep track of EVERY student’s performance, especially with mandatory national fitness assessments.

PhysednHealth gives you easy-to-use platform to assess and track everyone’s performance — whether student-athletes or special-needs children. (Most other tools cannot assess students with disabilities.)

Our Fitness Assessment Index measures a student’s overall physical fitness against the Healthy Fitness Zone®, providing an accurate, personalized picture of your students’ fitness.

That way, you see how every child is progressing — according to important health standards — and how you can help them.

Get Powerful Tools To Improve The Fitness Of Your Students

Physednhealth lets your students set fitness and nutrition goals, challenge friends, teachers, and parents. They can even develop their workout plan and track their fitness and nutrition activities.

For educators, it helps you track trends and changes in each student’s fitness levels and further improve the effectiveness of your PE programs.

This isn’t just “roll call” — this is about tracking wellness and improving physical health.

Send Easy-To-Understand Reports To Every Level

We make it easy to send mobile-friendly reports to students and parents with helpful action steps and suggestions. (We also make it easy to get fitness evaluation reports at the district, school, teacher, class, and student levels.)

For school districts, PhysednHealth gives you real-time data on every single school, P.E. class, teacher, and student. That way, you can evaluate overall performance and continually improve the effectiveness of your programs.

Motivate Your Students To Stay Active

Unlike other digital tools, ours gives your students access to our library of engaging activities, games, and more to encourage activity even AFTER they leave campus.

PhysednHealth also offers fun and entertaining exercise videos to motivate all students — from novices to athletes — and develop healthy, life-long habits.

We even eliminate intimidation for kids: Our online tools help students improve their fitness by focusing on their own achievements instead of comparing themselves to others.

Affordable, No-Hassle Pricing System

There’s NO limits on number of students, classes, hours, etc.

Once you join our platform, you have unlimited, 24/7, and year-round access to ALL our resources, libraries, and tools. That gives the highest return-on-investment for teachers, schools, and districts. (We also offer group discounts too.)

Want To Learn How To PhysednHealth Can Help Your Schools And Students?

We provide fitness assessment resources & actionable reports to
improve every student's physical wellness

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