5 Proven Characteristics of K-12 PE Tools that Work

Already facing challenges (large classes; support from management and parents; resources; adequate time; funding; disengaged-misbehaving students; remote schooling), Physical Education has become an impossible mission for PE teachers like you.

How do you teach in this environment? Through the use of tools that eliminate these challenges.

  1. Tools that combine classroom and remote PE for content sharing, assessing, collecting and reporting on the physical fitness of students
  2. Tools that provide differentiated instruction, are easy to use and, facilitate teacher-student communication
  3. Tools that give teachers and administrators access to student data and insights to track progress and activity when completing coursework remotely
  4. Tools that help identify if a student is falling behind or is becoming disengaged or ghosting, with the ability to intervene and get them back on track
  5. Tools that offers free training and technical support resources for blended learning

Designed by PE Teachers like you, PhysednHealth allows you to meet the needs of your students as well as those with disabilities and other particular needs by assessing, collecting and reporting on their physical wellness. Is PhysednHealth right for you? Click here to find out.

For Teachers

Every Teacher is Different

Meet every challenge with a Focused Solution: Comprehensive Physical Education platform to coach, assess, analyze, report, intervene and, communicate your students’ physical wellness actions and resulting progress.

Hybrid PE: Your platform for classroom and remote PE.

Roster Management: We manage your roster for you. We sync with platforms such as ClassLink, Clever, Schoology, and others.

Formative & Interim Assessment: Accurate, actionable data is the key to identifying levels of student understanding and adjusting teaching and learning accordingly. With PhysednHealth, it’s easy to quickly gather the data via in-class and benchmark assessments so teachers and admins can get to the important part: using it.

Planning: Curriculum planning tailored to the way you work.

Communication: Facilitate teacher-student communication and feedback
Resources Sharing: You can share resources with your students to increase their knowledge, to perform, or provide comments

Whole Child Development: From self-test, SMART Goals, Activity Tracker, Resource Sharing, PhysednHealth provides a variety of tools to keep students engage and active.

For Students

Every student deserves access to high-quality content and teaching

Remote PE: PhysednHealth online platforms helps you stay connected with your teacher, be physically active and take ownership of your physical wellness

Communication: Facilitate teacher-student communication and feedback

Activities Log: Track and get credit for your daily physical exercises and workouts online or using your smartphone.

Self-Assess: Assess your physical fitness with the same tests you take at school

Self-Practice: Practice the tests that your are not physically fit for until you get better at them.

SMART Goals: Set your own goals on what you need to improve on based on your teacher’s recommendation

Resources Sharing: Learning how to perform an activity has never been easier. Watch ‘How To’ videos to help you understand and master difficult concepts

For Districts

Schools and districts need integrated technology that can keep up. Connected centeralized learning location for Physical Education

Curriculum Standards: PhysednHealth allows school districts to implement standards across all schools to ensure the uniformity of the curriculum and resources

Oversight: PhysednHealth increases data collection and oversight

Program Management: PhysednHealth eliminates administrative tasks, including roster management and IT service

Reporting: PhysednHealth Offers real-time reporting and data analysis for budget formulation, strategy planning, and policy implementation. PhysednHealth increases data collection and oversight

Training and support: PhysednHealth offers technical support resources for blended learning tools at no cost

Cost of Ownership: Reduces PE program management costs by 40%, thereby increasing economic benefits for the district by allowing you to use the funds where resources are needed the most. at $199 per school per year with unlimited teachers and students, unlimited support and training, PhysednHealth is the lowest cost product tool of its kind. We know funding is a challenge in these times. We will work with you to achieve your goal.

Learn how PhysednHealth can solve your PE program challenges

There is no extra cost for the number of teachers and students. Training and all enhancements are free as well as 24/7 Support.

Once you join our platform, you have unlimited, 24/7, and year-round access to ALL our resources, libraries, and tools. That gives the highest return-on-investment for teachers, schools, and districts.

We provide fitness assessment resources & actionable reports to
improve every student's physical wellness

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