Cameras Off. Liabilities. PE Teachers’ Challenges

It’s been three months since school started. Articles and blogs on tips and techniques to get your students to turn their cameras on during online classes abound on the internet. Physical Education is ‘Education in the Physical.’ Teachers must be able to see that the students are performing movements correctly. As if that was not enough, then there’s the issue of liability. You cannot remotely ensure the safety of your students’ environment.

What can you do?

There is no one solution. There are a few things you can do to minimize the impact.

  1. Communicate Safety Rules. Remind your students to make sure their environment is safe before you begin. It helps to let them know what you will cover in advance. 
  2. Communicate Expectations. Active participation is an essential component of engaging in Online PE. Let your students know what participation means. Communicate privately with students with cameras turned off to find out the reasons and offer alternatives (maybe it’s the parents).
  3. Engage your students. Survey shows that students are bored after 10minutes of online class regardless of the subject. Teach for 10minutes or less, and spend the rest of the time engaging your students to demonstrate or share what they’ve learned. Asking those with Cameras turned off to give a demonstration will often reveal the reasons. 

What are you doing that works? Please share so others may benefit.

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