Best Video Practices for Hosting PE Online

Online PE

As #PE continues to live Online, there are emerging practices you can use to give your students an engaging experience.

There are many suggestions that have been shared online. We have found these to be the most helpful.

  1. Lighting is everything. In video recording, lighting determines the quality of your video. Change your light bulbs to ‘Daylight.’
  2. Angle matters. The angle for demonstrating an exercise is the profile angle; where you show sideways.
  3. Practice. Practice in advance to make sure you understand the technology well, your audience and your material.
  4. Keep it simple. Online training can be boring. Keeping it simple or dividing it into smaller chunks.
  5. Time management. Create an outline that accounts for every minute, and stick to it.
  6. Engage your students. Let students weight in every 5 minutes.
  7. Ask questions. Make sure your students understand the purpose of the lesson.
  8. Polling and Reflection. Allocate time at the end of your meeting for reflection.

In your experience, what works for you?

Leave us a comment so others can benefit.

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