It works! An activities log for PE engages students and gives teacher valuable insight

Last year, PE teachers designed physical activities tracker/log in PhysednHealth to encourage students to log their activities weekly… Then in January, it happened!

Students continued to use the activities tracker even when school was out, on break, or nobody was checking. 

It worked (not surprised)!!! 

  1. Students were able to link every day’s unstructured physical activity (helping dad remove the snow) to PE. 
  2. Engagement and student participation increased by 90%. 
  3. Teachers gained insight into what students learned in class and how they associated that with their daily lives.
  4. Students got in the habit of logging their activities without rewards.
  5. The success of the activities log led to school districts adopting a new PE standard next year, asking students to evaluate their health based on their fitness log (we think it should be physical activities log).

What’s next?

  • PhysednHealth activities log is part of the free registration. Use it if you don’t have your own. 
  • Encourage your students to log their activities outside of school for extra credits, points, etc., until it becomes a habit. 
  • Use The 8 Components of a Physical Activity log for PE  as a road map to understanding how your students are applying your teachings in their lives (please send us your input if we missed anything).

Download the PDF

The 8 components of a physical activity for PE

What are you doing that works? Please share so others may benefit.

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Louis De Montfort

Chief Innovator @ PhysednHealth

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